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Emergency Services & Leaks

under working under ground septic tank

When it comes to overflowing septic tanks or any other possible leaks in your septic tank systems, this should be considered an emergency. These types of issues have a nasty habit of happening at the most inconvenient times and as such we are able to assist with all your emergency overflows and leak detections. Do not wait for the problem to get completely out of hand and the health risk are just not worth for you trying to fix a problem that might end up costing you more in the bigger scheme of things. Contact us for any emergency assistance.


Emergency overflowing Septic Tank

Let our expert team assist with the emergency overflowing septic tank. We understand that septic tanks are not always a top-of-mind matter and as mentioned, these have a tendency of overflowing or causing problems when least expected. We do an emergency call on our expert on-site team will assess the fault fast with only the best technology. We drain your Septic Tanks with the necessary safety procedures, personal protection equipment, and the correct mechanical equipment, and dispose of if the wastewater both professionally and environmentally approved. We also assist with the replacements of effluent filters making sure your Tank is back in business with minimal disruptions to you and your family or employees.


Emergency Leak Detection.

When it comes to a leak in your Septic tank system, we use the most innovative technology to make sure we find the fault as fast as possible. Nobody likes pooling wastewater seeping into your soil and causing potential damage to you, your family, your pets, or your landscape. Our Innovative CCTV camera inspections assist us in an on-point fault find to ensure we can correct the leak as fast as possible. We also make sure the footage is recorded and a detailed report submitted for insurance purposes.


Leak Repair Work

Our Team has several techniques we make use of when fixing a leak in your Septic Tank system. These techniques are approved by all necessary safety codes and will also ensure there are minimal damages to your landscape. Each solution is tailor-made you're your specific Septic Tank system and should always be done by qualified and certified experts in the industry, Hudson Valley Septic Pros are just the experts you need to make sure you are not overwhelmed by the potential unnecessary cost and major unwanted excavations on your residential or commercial property.


Our Workmanship Promise

As a market leader in the communities we serve, we are fully aware of the necessary peace of mind you need to promise to your staff and your family. We understand the vital importance of a smooth and healthy septic tank system and we know what damaged this might cause to your residential and commercial properties. We guarantee our workmanship and we are confident that our promise and work will create a trustworthy and safe business relationship. We Deliver on each and every job and take great pride in all the work we do for our customers.

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