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Septic Tank Repair

a pipe line connecting to the septic

If your business or home run on a septic tank, it is very important that your septic tank system is well looked after to make sure there is optimal performance. Our team believes we are Hudson Valley septic Tank experts, we make sure your tank is in the best condition it can be.

Should you discover any leaks or need any repair work done, we are your number one team to contact. We offer quality services at competitive pricing.


Why my Septic Tank Leaks?

There are a few reasons your Septic Tank is leaking, the main reason could include, poor septic tank maintenance, cleaning products that might have found their way into the wastewater, and design issues. With any septic tank, non-biodegradable and solid waste materials settle on the bottom of your tank, and with time the sludge level will rise. All septic tanks have bacteria that breakdown the wastewater, if your tank bacteria has been compromised due to cleaning product, this will have a major effect on your tank as the solid can not be broken down to the level of drainage required.

How can we fix the problem?

Our Team assists with a full and detailed inspection to make sure we find the problem with your leaking tank. We are fully accredited and are professionals in what we do. We take great pride in offering the correct solution while we are focused on the safety of you and the environment, as we are fully aware of the health risks involved. Septic Wastewater should never be drained into your landscape. Our inspections involve the entire drain field. The most common indicators are things like soil settling or possible holes in your soil. It is also very important, and we make sure of what type of system you have.


Types of Septic Tanks Systems

Each System like Chamber Systems, Drip Distribution, or Mound Systems is all different and we as the experts know how to make sure the correct solutions are given for each specific Septic Tank needs. The Mound System, for example, is great for areas with shallow soil and high groundwater, but they require substantial space and are know to need much more maintenance. A drip distribution system is a type of effluent dispersal and is used in many different drain systems. The biggest advantage of this type of system, there is no large amount of soil needed. Our Team is all qualified in several systems and can assist with any repair work for the variety of systems available.


Quality of Repair work

As mentioned, your Septic Tank is a crucial part of making sure your home or business can operate at optimal functionality. That is why we make sure that you and your Septic tank only get the best quality of workmanship available. The risks involved when doing any repair work on your Septic Tank are high and should be done by qualified professionals. Our experts in the field are well trained and have vast experience in making sure you have a happy healthy Septic Tank system.

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